6mm Infantry Available

Finally! We are proud to announce that we have a new, long-awaited infantry miniatures. What more, all of them are in the 6mm/1:285 scale, that matches Hardwar 6mm war machines!

Stormbreaker Shock Troopers and Expeditionary Forces are ready to enter your wargaming table and join the battle. Every set includes 18 different models: 6 commanders, 6 standard troopers, and 6 veterans. Of course, there is also a set of Stormbreaker Heavy Support units miniatures, equipped with handheld heavy weapons, so you will get 6 gunnery specialists, 6 missile launchers, and 6 heavy laser operators.

But that’s not all! Each set comes with dedicated bases, to help to create infantry teams. This will come handy while mustering forces for Hardwar games, but also for all other 6mm tabletop wargames you wish!

More of 6mm infantry will come in time, so stay tuned and stay safe!

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