We want to offer UK residents the possibility to buy our products despite the taxation chaos that forced us to close shop for UK clients. You will be offered retail prices minus Polish VAT, so in fact 23% discount on our stock, just as you’d be an international business customer. But remember, there is a […]
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A small and sad announcement update for our British customers. Two days ago we were forced to lock out retail shipping to UK addresses, due to new post-Brexit policies of British Revenue Office. We did it with heavy heart, and we hope it is only temporary, but the situation is so chaotic at the moment, […]
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Hardwar Starter Sets incoming! Before you will dive into the ruleset, starter sets are easy to prep for your first Hardwar battles. Each available set is a Class 20 battleforce. This size is perfect to start a small war in our Universe, and there are also downloadable unit cards to print at home for each […]
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New Hardbots are coming! We have prepared four new miniatures to complement Hardwar range before rulebook will be out. The trio of versatile Shinobi Industries mechs, as well as powerful Udar, flagship product from Udar Systems. You may know Udar Systems as makers of well-received Buran, Boris, Geroy and Groza. Preorders are starting today, and […]
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