Aside from creating resin miniatures, we are committed to designing and creating tabletop games, trying to make them unique and different to what is on board games market, but still close enough to common conceptions that rule games world.

Advanced warfare!
The turn of the twenty-second century was a time of great progression of the human race, space exploration, scientific and technological advancements. It was also the time of neo-colonialism, and a new order emerging from the pyres of the old world. It was also a time of a new breed of war – the Hardwar.

The future of racing is now!
Take corners fast and risk losing control over speeder! Push your opponents on track wall, to slow them down or even destroy them. Fight your way to the first place using extra equipment for your vehicle like shields, tractor beams, EMP discharges or even seeking missiles. All means necessary allowed!

Become ‘yager pilot!
Only you can plot the course between life and death, and lead your wing of fighters to victory. Command the Federation Fleet fighters against very advanced aliens, the Fowlers. Become a pirate and engage System Police vessels in your trusty speedship. Find your way to victory through endless maneuvers possibilities!

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