Christmas Break and Preorders

While we have just started our Christmas break in our production facility, we have a few last things for you. Preorders for January are up, read about them below!

But not only preorders are a good reason for shopping with us in 2019.

Over the break, we will do some conservation work in our workshop, small repairs, cleaning, stuff like this. But also we will be reviving all 6 mm moulds that died during this heated pre-Christmas season.

It is a great opportunity to be the first to get our new combat vehicles in 2020. Also, if you order them before the end of 2019, you can stack them with our 20% discount on Retro Hardbots and 15 mm ranges, and even 50% on our Shadows in the Void range!

Plus, as a bonus, we still have some wreck markers set, and we are still adding sets of them to your orders for free, while stock lasts!

Additionally, on request of our fans, we are extending Mystery Bags promotion, while stock lasts. So if you want some random 2nd-grade minis for cheap, throw them into your shopping basket as well!

Now, back to our main event, preorders!

We want to start the New Year 2020 straight with all new wargaming miniatures available to you. That means PREORDERS with 10% DISCOUNT will start today for all the new tanks, IFVs, and APCs. The promotion will last until the 5th of January, and full-scale production will start after that date.

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