Hardwar Horizon Wars

Here we are! After all those months of keeping our mouths shut after closing the deal with Precinct Omega, we can finally share the best news of 2020! Starting today, Strato Minis Studio holds the license for Horizon Wars, written by Robey Jenkins!

Currently, we are working hard with Robey to bring you Hardwar Companion (working title), rulebook introducing universe setting in which Hardwar takes place, as well as stats and new rules for official miniatures (don’t worry, you can still bring your old ones). There will be some extra gameplay features, building on Horizon Wars main rulebook.

Official miniatures, you ask? We are sure that if you know Strato Minis Studio and their 6 mm range, you know what we are talking about. If not, check it out!

We will be releasing elements of the Companion in parts, as quickly as possible. Downloadable stat cards are our first priority, and new rules for them right after. We are still looking at options of paperback print, PDF is a sure option.

Remember, you can enjoy your Hardwar even now, all you need is some of our minis, couple of D12 dice and main rulebook for Horizon Wars, currently available directly from Precinct Omega, along with our minis!

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