Celestial Heavy Transport

This time we will bring you a big thing, the biggest dropship in our shop, Celestial Heavy Transport, capable of carrying mechs straight to the battlefield. The model has a real, open transport bay in the main hull and additional cargo bay in the tail section. It comes with two versions of landing gear (opened and closed).

To make in time and deliver it just before Christmas we will have to start production soon and right now this wargaming miniature is available to PREORDER with 20% DISCOUNT. Every preorder of this product will include an ADDITIONAL 2 MINIATURES of transport-ready Needle hardbot prepared exclusively for this preorder. There is even more bonus for preorders because if you want to order only Celestial it will be shipped for FREE by Standard Shipping.

PREORDER lasts till the 17th of November 2019 and we are certain we will be able to make and deliver before Christmas at least 20 kits of this model. We cannot guarantee those ordered later will be ready in time.

Remember there is always an option for free shipping for every order over 60 USD.

The model is based on the original design by Stephane Chasseloup.…/vehicle/sci-fi/sf-lander-ship
Converted, detailed and optimized for production by Strato Minis Studio.

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