15% FLASH SALE THIS WEEKEND ONLY! STARTING NOW! LIMITED QUANTITIES! EXPRESS SHIPPING! FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED! Autumn is here, and we are preparing for the inevitable storming our gates before Christmas. The first thing is, we have just enabled more payment options aside from PayPal, so feel free to check that. Secondly, to celebrate it […]
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Production is on the first sets, and they are ready for shipment! Our Friday premiere of 6 mm Stormbreaker infantry with slot bases was quite a blast, so we have started the second set of molds to speed up manufacturing! Quick recap – each set, Shock Troopers, Expeditionary, or Heavy Support consist of 18 minis […]
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Finally! We are proud to announce that we have a new, long-awaited infantry miniatures. What more, all of them are in the 6mm/1:285 scale, that matches Hardwar 6mm war machines! Stormbreaker Shock Troopers and Expeditionary Forces are ready to enter your wargaming table and join the battle. Every set includes 18 different models: 6 commanders, […]
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Friday update, you might want to sit down, some bad news. Last year around Christmas we have been pondering about the viability of our 15 mm range, we have asked for feedback in the groups, calculating costs, doing plans. Now we are heading for September, over 9 months later, and it is time to re-evaluate. […]
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