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We want to offer UK residents the possibility to buy our products despite the taxation chaos that forced us to close shop for UK clients. You will be offered retail prices minus Polish VAT, so in fact 23% discount on our stock, just as you’d be an international business customer. But remember, there is a trade-off though.

  1. You will still have to pay UK VAT (20%) and all duty fees on your end, if applicable. So, in the end, you should be still paying a similar amount as it would be paid before at our internet shop.
  2. We will be able to ship only via UPS, that will cover our export clearance. Such exports are a tad more expensive than usual but comparable to our current UPS Standard services, so it should remain unchanged.
  3. If you are a RETAIL CUSTOMER without VAT ID, a minimum amount of purchase is over 135 GBP (in PLN around 700 PLN depending on exchange rate). It is a bummer, but this is the only way to ship to the UK without registering there. We suggest group orders!
  4. If you are a BUSINESS CUSTOMER with VAT ID, there are no caps and you can purchase as much or as little as you please, but all the fees remain similar as above (VAT, duty, shipping). And as far as we are concerned, you don’t have to be a stockist. Of course, stockists who will order above certain amounts will receive additional retailer discounts.

Procedure for purchasing will change as well. As currently, we cannot accommodate such price shifts (from gross to net) on our store pages, UK residents will have to reach out for our “business offer” that will be individually sent. To contact us write to or contact us through FB Messenger. Store Messenger is a bit unreliable. The best way should be to fill the form below to get in contact.

We hope that this will help a bit in a transition time before some normal procedures will be implemented, international treaties signed etc. All of this is provisional, as we are preparing for the second stage starting 1s of June when EU will join the UK in e-commerce regulations changes, that will shift rules of the game again.

Please remember, this offer is only for UK residents and we will accept only UK shipping addresses.

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