War is not the only amusement you may participate in the world of Hardwar. Why not enter The Maul League with your Open Tender Bidding Team? Here we present the Shingen Motors Maul Team! Hail the brave warriors!!! All these hardbots are available at our shop, along with suitable Weapon Packs to make your team […]
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March of Robots is now! Some of the deadly war machines are ready and four new light hardbots and two quad walkers are available at our store. Atrax, Arachne, Vickers, Shrike, Efreet, and Svartalf await action! But that’s not all we have to present this month. Three medium hardbots, Ranger, Warlock and Neiru, along with […]
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While Groza, Buran, and Boris are now in full production, we are going to bring new walking war machines because we never sleep, we never stop. MARCH OF ROBOTS is almost here! And we have PREORDERS for our new wargaming miniatures open, with a 10% DISCOUNT. Production of miniatures will start after the 1st of […]
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Today more painted airborne assets to Hardwar. Yánlì ODPC making orbit descent into a battle zone with the assist of Aggressor 53 ‘yagers. Also, small changes in the store. We have merged Stratoyager product line into Hardwar 6mm, as they come from the same universe of Hardwar Game. Now all flyers are in one place […]
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