April 2019 Releases

Here we go again! Lots of things will happen in April 2019. New war machines await! Expect a hardbot, tanks, hovertanks and more! All of that is now on PREORDER with 10% DISCOUNT, so take your time, scroll down and find out all the good stuff! The promotion lasts till the end of March and you can get an option for free shipping for purchase over $60.

First, we want to proudly present to you our newest 6mm range war wakler.


One shark is not enough! Bigger, scarier, with more armor and more armament. The true 100-ton king of a battlefield, ultimate war beast!


Turn your Megalodon into Megalodon Ultra, a superheavy, ominous death bringer! After the 31st of March that upgrade will be available as a separate kit.

Now is time for some rolling action. Two heavy mobile artillery platforms, Abaddon and Apollyon!

Abaddon Moblie Artilery

Abaddon Mobile Artillery unit is an 80-ton war beast, equipped with four ultra canons, but some versions even carry additional missile support located inside the turret.

Apollyon Mobile Artillery

Apollyon Mobile Artillery unit is a version of Abaddon equipped with super fast rotary canon, providing real hell on earth to any target foolish enough to stay in crosshairs too long.

Many of our customers asked for non-tracked, non-earthbound vehicles. So here they come, two models, but soon you may expect more.

Stag Medium Hovertank

Aamed with two medium-sized energy projectors, Stag Medium Hovertank is still a very versatile unit. Thanks to vector engines and additional hover-boosters, this medium tank makes an excellent and swift solution to the battlefield.

Mosstrooper Hover APC

Mosstrooper Hover APC is an advanced version of well known Armadillo APC, but this one is equipped with vectored jet engines. No terrain is too hard to reach! In addition, Moostrooper introduces new turret compatible with Armadillo/Boar system, but due specyfict of vector engines heavier armamnet is not adviced.

USV Assault & Recon

Unmanned Support Vehicle is a perfect solution for any infantry unit in need of reliable fire support or recon. Equipped with onboard AI this drone will always be in the first line of fire or perform extreme scouting missions! In addition, the turret on assault configuration is compatible with the Armadillo/Boar system.

And that’s all for the upcoming April 2019! Remember, preorders last till the end of March, and orders processing will start after the 1st of April. Grab your gear and send your enemies to dust with our war beasts!

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