Waste Knights

Great news!

Galakta Games has launched their Kickstarter draft of Waste Knights: Second Edition boardgame, and they go live on 19th of February! Waste Knights is adventure boardgame set in post-apocaliptic Australia. But why it’s so important for us? Well… All miniatures there are sculpted and engineered by our team!

Our collaboraton with Waste Knights IP started few years back, when we were asked to sculpt and cast half of first edition miniatures, galery of which you can see here: Waste Knights 1st ed.

After a while IP moved to Galakta Games, a company we collaborate with ever since.
So far Waste Knights is the third project we did for Galakta Games, after 3D modeling commissions for their board games; Age of Thieves with expansion Masters of Disguise, as well as King and Assassins board game. Both games are already released, and you can see our sculpts immortalized in plastic!

We’ve also prepared resin prototypes for Waste Knights 2nd ed. to use in reviews and as showpieces on game events. Final production is planned in plastic via injection moulds, technology for which minis were properly prepared by our engineering team.

But before that will happen, let us have a look at set of resin prototypes we did few months back.

If you like what you see, check out their promising Kickstarter draft! Campaign starts 19th of February, in five days!

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