4 years of developement, and now we are ready to show shards our work to the world. Sit back, relax, fasten your safety belts and make sure your ejection system is active. We are going for a ride!

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Potrfolio Update: Fearbringer

This one was to bring Bishop Steiner’s design to “life” and it was great success. Please welcome Fearbringer, a resin cast in 6mm scale. You can see it as a painted mini in our gallery. Model consist of six parts and need assembling.
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Portfolio Update: Jemadar

Once anain a giant Hardbot on Demand, in 6mm scale, prepared and provided as resin casts. Jemadar, based on, as always awesome, Giorgio Espinos templates, consists of 6 elements and needs assembling. What you can see above is an render of 3D model, but photos of resin casts will come shortly.
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