New Model: Nightbird

Yes… Really… We do not stop! Please welcome Nightbird, a companion to Aguileon. This war machine will appear in our shop soon…
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New Model: Aguileon

We never stop. Quick prototyping and brainstorming and we are ready with new model. Aguileon will appear in our shop soon…
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New Model: Magnum

And here it is! New harbot, with really big gun. Please welcome Magnum! Do you feel lucky? Casting will start soon. Stay tuned and look for Magnum next week.
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New Models: FSCS4 A3

This is the most common space vehicle, the Federal Space Carry Shuttle. This versatile shuttle carrier can be quickly turned from standard personel transporter into gun blazing, trigger happy attack unit or bringing fire and brimstone, missile loaded support vehicle! Model will consist of three parts and will need assembling. Designed by Strato Minis Studio. FSCS4 A3/M2 […]
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