Basilisk Cannon


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Resin cast model in 6mm/1:285 scale. Needs assembling. Unpainted.
Base not included.

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Wheeled tank, equipped massive auto-cannon, wargaming miniature designed by Karl Streiger.

1 review for Basilisk Cannon

  1. headlesshorseman (verified owner)

    The Basilisk is available in six variants. These are cannon, anti-aircraft, missile carrier, APC, gauss rifle, and a laser variant all apparently using the same hull. I chose the cannon type. It is excellent in its attention to detail. Usually, I comment on the fact that there is so much detail it can be difficult to find a good place for decals. The main chassis is extensively detailed but there is room for insignia. A lot of people are not fans of wheeled, combat vehicles. However, the Basilisk’s six wheels have armored wheel hubs; a very nice touch. The turret has sloped armor which provides a great location for unit number decals. As for the construction, what is there to say? The cannon/turret is a single piece so you glue the turret on to the single piece hull . . . or not. I like to leave the turrets on my minis loose so they can swivel. At this point, I’m considering getting three of the other variants and creating a full lance of Basilisks.

    Although I can only speak to the cannon version of the Basilisk, if you’re wanting a good, wheeled artillery unit this is a great option. This is a great miniature that I can recommend without reservation.

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