Welcome to 2019

Lots of things happened in 2018, and it was a good year. Now we look into 2019 with the hope to make it even better for everyone! Be prepared for new stuff in already covered ranges of 6mm and 15mm. But… there will be much more!

We’ve learned a lot during last year and decided to bring you a new prices. Most part of our products got much cheaper, some just little bit. Some prices had to go up, but not so much. We’ve also added Global Express shipping option foth those of you who want full tracking and a bit faster delivery.

What future brings?

First of all, more of wheeled and tracked war beasts. More weapon options and more tanks, APCs and IFVs. Some of them will hit 15mm scale range, for sure! Of course, we won’t forget about hardbots, so expect new units in both scale ranges, but we also want to go to the stars not only in a canopy of a space fighter, but in more capital scale.

You may ask about battle mats. The answer is “yes”, we are going to bring you more designs this year, some more generic, some with a twist. The first one may be greens themed mat, an ideal solution for those of you wanting to go beyond the horizon of a desert.


Finally, we have for you a Newsletter option, if you want to be updated directly when new stuff rolls into our shop. You can sign up on the bottom of this site or by visiting the Newsletter link.

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