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Troll Mk.I Medium Tank


Resin cast model in 6mm/1:285 scale. 34mm in length. Needs assembling. Unpainted. Base not included.


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The Troll is Aesir Gewehr’s answer to the growing mech market, bringing an almost-unmatched level of firepower to the battlefield, but this comes at the cost of a punishing logistical demand. When you are in need of a real punch Troll will help. This is a medium tank but is equipped with two enormous energy cannons and a pair of missile racks. Heavier than a typical medium tank, but who cares for speed when you can deliver a devastating blow to the enemy?

Model is based on Stephane Chasseloup’s digital assets, converted, detailed and optimized for production by Strato Minis Studio.


The card image is prepared to be printed on a standard printer.
Image size is 3,5″ x 2,5″ / 89mm x 63mm (600DPI) when printed in 1:1 scale.

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Dimensions 34 × 23 × 13 mm

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