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Hellbent V


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Resin cast model in 6mm/1:285 scale. Needs assembling. Unpainted. Base not included.


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The Hellbent V is a popular airborne IFV, with reasonable defences and a potent array of missiles.  It is typically used to rapidly deliver an infantry payload onto an objective before standing off and striking at targets of opportunity.

The model is based on Stephane Chasseloup’s digital assets.


The card image is prepared to be printed on a standard printer.
Image size is 3,5″ x 2,5″ / 89mm x 63mm (600DPI) when printed in 1:1 scale.

Additional information

Dimensions 72 × 64 × 20 mm

1 review for Hellbent V

  1. headlesshorseman (verified owner)

    The Hellbent V from Strato Miniatures is a medium sized miniature and exquisitely detailed. Although the detailing makes it a wonderful mini it does create a problem when it comes to finding a place to apply division insignia and unit number decals. This is an issue I can live with, however, because there are flat areas beside the cockpit that work well.
    Assembly was relatively simple and straight forward. The pictures on the Strato Miniatures web sight shows only chin turret, however it comes with two turrets so I added one to the top of the fuselage in what I took to be a mounting ring and it looks good. Be sure to check out the illustrations on the Strato web site when placing the vertical stabilizers. They are not quite intuitive in their orientation, so double check. Also, DO NOT mount the missile racks under the wings until after you paint them. After all my years of model building, I should have realized this. Once the racks are in place it is almost impossible to paint the upper inside missile. It is far easier to paint the racks and missiles then glue them in place.
    This is another great miniature from Strato Miniatures and makes a fine addition to any collection.

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